Bulletproof helmet
  • Bulletproof helmet
  • Bulletproof helmet
  • Bulletproof helmet
  • Bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof helmet

The bulletproof layer is composed of metal (special steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic sheets (boron carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide), fiberglass, nylon (PA), Kevlar, DOYENTRONTEX Fiber, liquid protective materials, polyimide fiber (PI) and other materials, forming a single or composite protective structure.

Bulletproof helmet


In the crucible of combat, the head is the command center—vital and vulnerable. YINGXIN introduces a bulletproof helmet that redefines headgear for the modern warrior, offering unmatched protection without sacrificing comfort or agility.

Our strengths

Advanced Composite Shell: Crafted from a proprietary blend of ultra-high-strength materials, our helmet's shell is lightweight yet incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding high-caliber rounds and shrapnel.

Impact Absorption System: Equipped with an innovative shock-absorbing liner, our helmet disperses and reduces impact energy, minimizing the risk of concussion and other head injuries.

Enhanced Visibility: Our helmet features a wide visor design that provides a panoramic field of vision, ensuring that nothing escapes your notice on the battlefield.

Ventilated Design: Strategically placed vents allow for effective airflow, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable during prolonged missions.

Customizable Fit: With an adjustable retention system, our helmet can be tailored to fit various head sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for every soldier.

Communications Compatibility: Pre-installed channels for communication devices allow for seamless integration with headsets and microphones, maintaining situational awareness and command connectivity.

Rugged Durability: Tested under extreme conditions, our helmet is built to endure the rigors of military operations, ensuring reliability in the face of adversity.

Low-Profile Camouflage: The sleek design and adaptable camouflage options make our helmet an asset for stealth operations, blending into various environments.

Why Choose YINGXIN's Bulletproof Helmet?

Superior Protection: Our helmets are certified to meet or exceed international ballistic protection standards.

Innovative Technology: We leverage the latest advancements in materials science to provide the best defense against ballistic threats.

Comfort and Performance: Designed with the end-user in mind, our helmet offers a balance of protection, comfort, and operational efficiency.

Trusted by Professionals: Chosen by elite forces around the world for its reliability and performance in high-stakes situations.


Bulletproof helmet

Explosion proof helmet


In the chaos of battle, where explosive threats lurk, YINGXIN presents an explosion-proof helmet designed to shield the head from the devastating effects of blasts. Our helmet is the sentinel of safety, crafted to the highest standards of defense and comfort.

Key Features:

Blast-Resistant Technology: Engineered with state-of-the-art materials that can absorb and disperse the energy from explosions, ensuring the ultimate protection for the head and brain.

Advanced Shock Mitigation: Our helmet's shock-absorbing system is designed to reduce the impact of shockwaves, safeguarding the wearer from concussive effects.

Enhanced Structural Integrity: The robust construction of our helmet can withstand repeated exposure to explosive environments without compromising its protective capabilities.

Optimized Ventilation: Strategic ventilation channels prevent overheating, ensuring that the wearer remains cool even under the most intense conditions.

Customizable Fit System: An adjustable fit system allows for a personalized and secure fit, accommodating various head sizes and shapes for maximum comfort.

Communications Integration: Pre-configured for the attachment of communication devices, our helmet ensures uninterrupted coordination with fellow troops.

Camouflage and Stealth: Available in a range of camouflage patterns and a low-profile design for stealth operations, our helmet is as versatile as it is protective.

Durable and Lightweight: Constructed with lightweight materials that do not compromise on durability, our helmet offers long-lasting protection without adding unnecessary burden.

Innovative Protection: Our helmets are at the forefront of blast protection technology, offering a new standard in headgear safety.

Comfort in the Line of Fire: Designed with the user's comfort in mind, our helmet allows for extended wear without fatigue.

Versatility: Suitable for a range of military and law enforcement operations, our helmet is an asset in any explosive situation.

Trusted Reliability: Endorsed by professionals for its proven performance in real-world scenarios.


Bulletproof helmet

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