Detonation and other measures
  • Detonation and other measures
  • Detonation and other measures
  • Detonation and other measures
  • Detonation and other measures

Detonation and other measures

Explosive disposal includes explosive disposal suits, stab proof suits, and gas masks.
Detonation suits are special clothing that can protect experts from overpressure, debris, and shock waves generated after an explosion, providing comprehensive protection.

Detonation and other measures


In the volatile realm of defense and security, where the threat of explosions can turn the tide of an operation, YINGXIN presents a Blast Protection Series that fortifies the frontlines with unparalleled safety measures.

explosive disposal suits


Blast-Resistant Clothing: Our garments are engineered with multi-layered, high-strength fabrics that attenuate the impact of shockwaves, providing vital protection against blast effects.

Explosion-Proof Helmets: Designed with advanced shock absorption technology, our helmets safeguard the head from concussive forces, ensuring clear thinking even amidst chaos.

Blast-Resistant Eyewear: Protecting the eyes from debris and intense light flashes, our eyewear is a crucial component in the comprehensive protection of our series.

Blast-Dampening Footwear: Our footwear combines puncture resistance with shock-absorbing soles, protecting the feet and providing stability in explosive aftermaths.

Blast-Mitigating Shelters: Quickly deployable structures that offer immediate protection against the force of explosions, designed for both individual and group safety.

Blast-Proof Barriers: Constructed to absorb and redirect the energy of explosions, our barriers are the first line of defense in vulnerable areas.

Vehicular Blast Protection Systems: Retrofit solutions for vehicles that enhance survivability and protection against IEDs and other explosive devices.

Integrated Blast Protection Solutions: Customizable packages that integrate various blast protection equipment to suit specific operational requirements.

Innovative Technology: We lead with cutting-edge materials and design, ensuring our equipment provides the highest level of protection.

Total Protection: Our series covers all aspects of blast protection, from personal gear to infrastructure solutions.

stab proof suits

Customizability: Tailor-made solutions to fit the unique needs of various missions and operational environments.

Rapid Deployment: Designed for quick setup and use, our equipment ensures protection when time is of the essence.

 gas masks.

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