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Patent Of Inclined Plate Oil Separator

 Patent of inclined plate oil separator.

Skimming (oil) mud scraper is divided into two types according to process structure and working mode.
HGH-T type lifting plate collecting (oil) scraper is an integral device mainly composed of driving reducer, slag skimming mechanism, sludge discharge mechanism, lifting drum and electric control device on the truss frame.
Under the command of the electric control device, the slag skimming and mud scraping mechanism runs back and forth along the straight line laid on the pool surface with the truss frame. Lift or lower the scraper when the lifting and falling coil is simply fixed (fixed range), so that the skimming and mud scraping work in one direction respectively, scrape and collect the sludge at the bottom of the tank and the oil residue on the liquid level respectively outside the sludge collecting tank and the oil drain pipe.
Hgh-l chain traction skimmer (oil) scraper is mainly composed of deceleration drive device fixed on the pool surface, traction chain with scraper in the pool, transmission chain pair and tensioning device, safety protection device, etc.

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