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Patent Of Self Flushing Water Purifier

 Patent of self flushing water purifier.

The raw water is mixed, reacted, precipitated and filtered to make the water turbidity less than 5mg / L.
Mixing is completed outside the equipment, that is, the coagulant is added into the suction pipe of the water pump, and the water pump is used to achieve mixing.
The mixed raw water is sent to the water purifier for purification. The water purifier is equipped with:
a.   Reaction, precipitation and filtration area;
b.   Sludge concentration area, in which a forced water outlet pipe is set, and its water output is 20% of the rated water volume of the whole equipment. The function of this area is to improve the sludge concentration, prolong the sludge discharge cycle, and save the water consumption for sludge discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving;
c.   The flushing water tank is used for automatic backwashing of the filter;

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