How is the mud scraper environmentally friendly?

How is the mud scraper environmentally friendly?


 Due to its own characteristics, the application of mud scraper is becoming more and more popular. Do you know that the application of mud scraper can solve these problems?

  Mud scraper is a kind of machine equipment that sorts out sludge from river banks. It is widely used in sewage treatment stations, water plants and other sites. Mud scraper is driven by the drive mechanism installed on the rubber support of the management center to scrape, suck and collect sludge. The machine equipment makes a circular motion along the diameter of the pool, and the sludge in the pool is sucked into the sludge collection tank by the collection machine equipment and injected into the sludge discharge pipe of the management center by the actual effect of the negative pressure of the liquid.

  The supernatant is injected into the stainless steel sink through the overflow weir around the pool and discharged through the water outlet. The machine user is suitable for the medium and large diameter of the radial flow grit chamber. The basic principle of the mud scraper is that the thickener passes through the small sprocket chain of the reducer drive, and then the large sprocket chain pushes the worm gear and worm to turn over, and the scraper arm and scraper follow the main shaft. When the bearing is turned over, the sludge is scraped and collected into the sludge collection pit of the pool management center, and the sludge is actively discharged out of the pool through the pool sludge discharge pipe under the hydrostatic pressure.

  The mud scraper can run steadily for a long time without any noise. The bare metal application has a service life of more than 20 years! And the spare parts are replaced with simple ones, without all the extraordinary items. The mud scraper is mainly composed of the working bridge, the drive mechanism, and the rubber support of the management center. It is composed of seat, scraper arm, steady flow cylinder, scum plate and so on.

  Driven by the drive mechanism, the scraper arm rotates around the center line of the pool management center, and a group of scrapers installed on the scraper arm rotates with the scraper arm to scrape the sludge settled in the pool by the foundation to the pool management center mud collecting pool. Together, the scum on the liquid level gathers in the tapered area formed by the slag retaining weir near the scum scraper.

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