How to better choose a mud scraper?

How to better choose a mud scraper?


  Mud scraper  is used in the larger sedimentation tank in the urban sewage treatment plant to scrape away the sludge deposited at the bottom of the tank and to remove the scum on the surface of the tank. And what kind of mud scraper to choose for water treatment?

   Mud scraper is a kind of machine that cleans the sludge out of the river. It is used in urban sewage treatment plants, water plants and large-diameter circular sedimentation tanks in the treatment of industrial wastewater to remove the sludge that settles at the bottom of the tank. and skimming scum from the pool surface. The mud scrapers produced by Hanke Environmental Protection Company mainly include peripheral drive mud scrapers, central drive mud scrapers, central drive concentrated mud scrapers, central drive suspended mud scrapers, truss mud scrapers and slag scrapers. Mud scraper, chain plate scraper, screw conveyor scraper, vertical frame type central drive scraper, horizontal car scraper and other different types of products.

  The central drive concentrated mud scraper is mainly composed of overflow device, girder and bar, inlet pipe, transmission device, electrical box, steady flow cylinder, main shaft, scum rake plate, scraping device, underwater bearing, small scraper, slag bucket , scum rakes and other components. The central transmission thickening and scraping machine can further separate the free water in the sludge of the thickening tank, so as to reduce the volume of the sludge, increase the sludge concentration, and discharge the concentrated sludge out of the tank.

  First of all, it is necessary to clarify where the mud scraper is used. There are more solid particles in the sewage of the primary sedimentation tank, and the content of sediment is large. The designed residence time of the mud scraper cannot be too long, and the mud scraper needs to run quickly. . On the contrary, the sewage in the secondary sedimentation tank is more of small sludge particles, and the sludge is mainly activated sludge. If the residence time of the sludge scraper is too short, the sludge is difficult to settle, so the operation speed of the sludge scraper should be designed. slower. The primary sedimentation tank mainly needs to scrape the sludge to the sludge collecting bucket, and the secondary sedimentation tank needs to suck out the activated sludge deposited at the bottom of the secondary sedimentation tank. The secondary settling tank suction machine is generally equipped with a scraper to assist suction suction, so it is also called a scraping suction machine.

  The second is the difference between the peripheral drive and the center drive, the half-bridge and the full-bridge in the sedimentation tank. According to the diameter of the sedimentation tank, the mechanical load of the sedimentation tank is different. Generally, the sedimentation tank with a diameter greater than 18M will use a central drive mud scraper, while the smaller sedimentation tank will use a peripheral drive mud scraper. Compared with the half-bridge peripheral transmission scraper, the cycle time is only half, which can process more sludge, and is suitable for the sludge with good settling performance and larger sludge volume. occasion.

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