Wastewater Treatment And Water Reuse Equipment
  • Fiber Rotary Filter

    Fiber Rotary Filter

    The fully submerged fiber rotary disc filter is composed of a central drum, a filter disc, a backwashing system and a supporting electrical control system. The filter disc is fixed around the central drum and has a communication hole with the central drum. Raw water (sewage) flows into the converter through the filter cloth on the disc. The filter cloth is a special fiber filter cloth with a small filter aperture of up to 10um. After the raw water is filtered through the filter cloth, the clean water flows into the converter and is discharged out of the system from the converter outlet. With the progress of filtration, the retained impurities on the outside of the filter cloth continue to increase, the filtration differential pressure increases, and the water passing through the filter cloth decreases.

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  • Continuous Quicksand Filter

    Continuous Quicksand Filter

    Continuous quicksand filter is a kind of high-efficiency filter integrating coagulation, clarification and filtration. It does not need to stop for backwashing; Single stage filter material is adopted, without grading, uneven hydraulic distribution and primary filtrate; Backwashing water pump and electric and pneumatic valves for shutdown switching are not required; There is no need to set a separate coagulation and clarification tank, and there is no need for mechanical equipment for coagulation and clarification. Therefore, the floor area is more compact and the operation cost is more economical.

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  • Rotary Drum Precision Filter

    Rotary Drum Precision Filter

    The rotary drum precision filter is composed of equipment structure module, filter module, driving system, backwashing system and automatic control system. After the sewage enters the equipment, the automatic control system starts the driving system to drive the drum to rotate, and starts the backwashing system at the same time. Under the action of gravity, the sewage flows out of the drum from the drum, and the suspended solids in the water are intercepted in the drum by the filter screen. The drum rotates slowly, and the backwash pump draws filtered water to backwash the filter screen. The washed dirt falls into the collection tank inside the drum and is discharged outside the equipment through the blowdown pipe.

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