Bottom mud scraper
  • Hydraulic Reciprocating Mud Scraper

    Hydraulic Reciprocating Mud Scraper

    Working principle of the mud scraper: the gear oil pump provides power to the hydraulic oil cylinder, a group of tripod converts the vertical motion of the oil cylinder into horizontal motion, and finally drives a group of wedge scrapers to make reciprocating motion at the bottom of the rectangular tank; The reciprocating stroke is greater than the spacing of a single scraper, which is equivalent to the sludge transfer from the latter scraper to the front scraper; The forward speed of the scraper group is about half of the backward speed; When moving forward, the concave surface of the wedge-shaped scraper pushes mud to the mud accumulation ditch of the pool; When retreating, a small wedge-shaped acute angle will not drive the sludge to move backward, while the negative pressure generated by the rapidly retreating concave surface will keep the forward inertia of the sludge layer with a certain thickness.

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