Removal of sundries in water
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    Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner

    Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner

    The biggest advantages of the equipment are high degree of automation, high separation efficiency, low power consumption, no noise and good corrosion resistance. It can ensure continuous and stable operation when unattended. It is equipped with overload safety protection device, which will automatically shut down in case of equipment failure, so as to avoid overload operation of the equipment. The equipment can arbitrarily adjust the equipment operation interval according to the needs of users to realize periodic operation; It can be automatically controlled according to the liquid level difference before and after the grid; It also has manual control function to facilitate maintenance. Users can choose according to different work needs. Due to the reasonable structural design of the equipment, when the equipment works, it has strong self purification ability and will not be blocked, so the daily maintenance workload is very small.

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