Sludge thickening
  • Belt Concentration Filter Press

    Belt Concentration Filter Press

    The concentration and press are integrated into one, with continuous operation and high treatment efficiency Deviation correction mode: pneumatic feedback unilateral automatic deviation correction Tension of filter belt: spring tension of concentration section and pneumatic tension of filter pressing belt High degree of automation, PLC program control can be adopted The two-stage turnover gravity dehydration has good dehydration effect, fully closed structure, creating an excellent operating environment, compact structure and convenient installation and transportation.

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  • Stacked Screw Sludge Dehydrator

    Stacked Screw Sludge Dehydrator

    The main body of the spiral sludge dehydrator is a filtering device formed by multiple fixed rings and swimming rings, and the spiral shaft runs through them. The front section is the concentration section and the rear section is the dehydration section, which completes the sludge concentration and pressing dehydration in one barrel, replacing the traditional filter cloth and centrifugal filtration mode with a unique and subtle filter body mode. Dehydration principle After gravity concentration in the concentration section, the sludge is transported to the dehydration section. In the process of moving forward, with the gradual reduction of filter joint and pitch and the blocking effect of back pressure plate, great internal pressure is generated and the volume is continuously reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of full dehydration.

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  • Thickener


    The central transmission single (double) pipe mud suction machine is mainly composed of central transmission device, central vertical frame, mud suction pipe, slag scraping plate, truss, scum scraping and collecting device, working bridge, water retaining skirt, scum bucket, etc. When the sludge mixture enters the water inlet tank, it evenly enters the tank through the water distribution hole pipe at the bottom of the tank. Under the action of the water retaining skirt, the water flows slowly and evenly from the bottom of the surrounding tank to the center of the tank in the state of density flow. At the same time, the sludge begins to settle at the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity to form a high concentration primary sludge layer, The separated clarifier flows to the lower part and returns to the surrounding outlet tanks and is discharged out of the tank through the outlet pipe. Under the action of liquid level difference, the activated sludge on the surface of the tank bottom is collected and discharged out of the tank through the orifice on one side of the sludge suction pipe. The heavy emotional sludge is scraped to the sludge pit in the center of the tank by the scraper plate and discharged out of the tank through the sludge discharge pipe. The scum on the tank surface is skimmed into the scum bucket through the scraper device Discharge outside the tank.

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  • Hydraulic Reciprocating Mud Scraper

    Hydraulic Reciprocating Mud Scraper

    Working principle of the mud scraper: the gear oil pump provides power to the hydraulic oil cylinder, a group of tripod converts the vertical motion of the oil cylinder into horizontal motion, and finally drives a group of wedge scrapers to make reciprocating motion at the bottom of the rectangular tank; The reciprocating stroke is greater than the spacing of a single scraper, which is equivalent to the sludge transfer from the latter scraper to the front scraper; The forward speed of the scraper group is about half of the backward speed; When moving forward, the concave surface of the wedge-shaped scraper pushes mud to the mud accumulation ditch of the pool; When retreating, a small wedge-shaped acute angle will not drive the sludge to move backward, while the negative pressure generated by the rapidly retreating concave surface will keep the forward inertia of the sludge layer with a certain thickness.

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