Underwater mud scraping
  • Monorail Underwater Mud Scraper

    Monorail Underwater Mud Scraper

    Monorail underwater mud scraper is applicable to the mud scraping of rectangular sedimentation tank in large water supply plant or sewage treatment plant. The underwater mud scraper scrapes the sludge at the bottom of horizontal sedimentation tank from the water outlet area to the water inlet area, and finally scrapes the sludge to the sludge sump in the water inlet area for centralized discharge, instead of the traditional siphon mud extractor with suction while walking. Composition structure: The mud scraper is mainly composed of traction ring chain, mud scraper trolley mechanism, sprocket and sprocket frame, pool bottom track and fixing device, drive guide sprocket, overload protection device, cable chain tensioning device, forward and reverse control device, driving device protection cover, electrical control cabinet, central deceleration drive device, limit device, etc. The main components of monorail underwater mud scraper are: transmission components, mud scraper trolley components, track components, guide wheel groups at both ends, tensioning device and electric control components.

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