Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner
  • Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner
  • Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner
  • Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner
  • Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner
  • Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner

Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner


Product origin Jiangsu

Delivery time 10-20 weeks

Supply capacity 1000 sets/year

The biggest advantages of the equipment are high degree of automation, high separation efficiency, low power consumption, no noise and good corrosion resistance. It can ensure continuous and stable operation when unattended. It is equipped with overload safety protection device, which will automatically shut down in case of equipment failure, so as to avoid overload operation of the equipment. The equipment can arbitrarily adjust the equipment operation interval according to the needs of users to realize periodic operation; It can be automatically controlled according to the liquid level difference before and after the grid; It also has manual control function to facilitate maintenance. Users can choose according to different work needs.
Due to the reasonable structural design of the equipment, when the equipment works, it has strong self purification ability and will not be blocked, so the daily maintenance workload is very small.


Rotary Coarse Grid Cleaner

Purpose and introduction
HZG-I rotary drum grille is one of the newly developed complete sets of water supply and drainage pretreatment equipment products of our company. Parameters: imported equipment, self-designed. The equipment is widely used in urban sewage, industrial wastewater, food processing industry, paper industry and other sewage treatment projects. The equipment will fish and remove the floating objects and sediments at the water intake, squeeze the grid slag dry and drain it after dehydration.
The equipment is fully enclosed and suitable for fecal treatment in urban sanitation station.

HL Type Grid cleaning machine is mainly composed of frame, grid bar, cleaning tooth rake, lifting chain, motor deceleration drive, etc. During operation, the trash raking plate fixed on the lifting chain, driven by the driving device, picks up the dirt partially intercepted by the underwater grid. The trash raking plate rotates clockwise from the back of the grid to the front of the grid synchronously by relying on the two side lifting chains. When the rake plate reaches the upper part, due to the action of the steering track and guide wheel, the dirt falls by itself by gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of decontamination.

Main features

1. All stainless steel, compact structure, almost no maintenance.
2. Complete structure, easy installation and automatic control.
3. Low power, low speed, energy saving, no wear and low noise.
4. Fully enclosed operation, no odor and no leakage.
5. High operation efficiency, optimal comprehensive performance price ratio and fastest investment recovery.

The business scope of Jiangsu Yixing Fuxin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. includes: manufacturing, processing and sales of Environmental Protection equipment, Water Treatment equipment, Dust removal, Desulfurization and Denitration equipment, Landfill Leachate equipment, Low-voltage Electric Nitrate equipment, Landfill Leachate equipment, Seawater Brackish Water Desalination equipment, Plastic products and Electric Control Cabinet; Installation of Environmental Protection equipment; Sales of Metal Materials, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, CBD Extraction Equipment, Environmental Protection accessories, filler products, FRP products, Thermal Insulation Materials, Water Treatment chemicals (except hazardous chemicals), Water Pumps, Valves, Fans, Flanges, Reducers, Pipes, Wires and Cables, Instruments and Meters; Remediation of soil pollution; River management services; Technical research and development of water treatment agents (except hazardous chemicals);


We have two ways of packaging. One is that small equipment is packaged in plywood boxes, and the other is that large equipment is shipped in containers.


Our company is located in Yixing city with convenient transportation and extending in all directions. It is very convenient for air and sea transportation:

75KM to Wuxi International Airport;

230km to Shanghai Pudong International Airport;

370km to Ningbo port;

200km away to Shanghai port;


Our after-sales service is to respond to customer problems within 8 hours and provide solutions online and remotely 24 hours. If necessary, arrive at the customer's site to solve the problem within 3 days except for force majeure.

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